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 About us

Estatec has been manufacturing and marketing static control products (ESD) for over 20 years.



We manufacture coveralls, smocks, frocks, boots, hoods and many other ESD and Cleanroom garments. 


Product traceability

In Estatec, we individually code every single product we make according to the SMT2.1-2018 Uniform Standard using our unique identification code (CURE) to keep track of our products over time.


ESD Mats, EVA Trays and Estashoes

We are vertically integrated, we manufacture raw materials and finished goods.


ESD Bags

We manufacture bags:  - Anti-static or low ESD static emission,  Photosensitivity barrier,  Moisture and oxygen barrier,  With VCI corrosion inhibitor,  High and low density polyethylene, T hermal bags and  Cosmetic care.