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To keep your company in compliance, it is necessary to have regular audits to detect and prevent possible failures in the system, as well as being up-to-date with the latest technology. The purpose of our audits is to give you an overview of the compliance of processes, products and equipment in accordance with the ANSI / ESD S20.20 standard. At Estatec we are certified and experienced in audits of the following areas:

All audits are performed in accordance with the ESD control procedure of each audited plant, using as guidance the ANSI / ESD Standard S20.20 and the verification methods shown in the ESD document TR53-01 *.


• EPA’s
• Manufacturing areas
• System/Flooring

Points to audit

• Grounding system
• Generation of electrostatic charges
• Ionization systems
• Packaging
• Training

Aimed at:

  • Companies in the process of obtaining certification
  • Plants wishing to standardize their processes
  • Companies starting an ESD program
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We are dedicated to the development, production and marketing of products for the control and protection against electrostatic discharge.


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Office Tel: 619-934-8759
Toll Free Number: 844-608-2704