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It is important to certify the workstations (EPA) or production lines, to guarantee controlled processes before problems are caused by ESD. We offer specialized technical support throughout North America. Our staff has experience and knowledge in the ANSI ESD Standard S20.20 and they are certified by iNARTE.

We offer certification under the following standards: ANSI / ESD S20.20 – ANSI / ESD S7.1 – ANSI / ESD STM97.1 – ANSI / ESD STM97.2

Floor Program:

• New Installations
• Periodic Checks

Aimed at:

  •  Companies that have installed ESD floor and require certification.
  • Plants wishing to have their products certified.

We are dedicated to the development, production and marketing of products for the control and protection against electrostatic discharge.


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Office Tel: 619-934-8759
Toll Free Number: 844-608-2704